Unmanaged and/or poorly managed conflict in the workplace contributes to high turnover, poor performance, low morale, destructive and costly litigation, and reduced profitability, to name a few.

 A plan for effectively managing conflict is a vital component to an organization's strategy for success.

We know that conflict in the workplace will never be eliminated.

However, it can certainly be managed so that organizations and the people within them can thrive!              










Better Conflict Solutions can help you prevent, manage, and resolve conflict within your organization with the following services: mediation services

  • Mediation Services
    • ​Employment mediation
    • Workplace mediation
  • Developing Customized Conflict Resolution Systems 
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Facilitating Focus Group Meetings
  • Mediation and Communication Skills Training 
  • Conflict Resolution Skills Training 

Workplace Services  

Employment and Workplace Mediation & Conflict Management Services

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Providing divorce mediation, family mediation, employment mediation, mediation in a variety of contexts. Helping to resolve church conflict, workplace conflict, family conflict, business conflict, marriage conflict, and relationship conflict, both personal and professional.  Also providing court-appointed parenting time supervision. Serving Florida, Treasure Coast, Martin County, St. Lucie County, 19th Circuit, Jensen Beach, Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Jupiter, West Palm Beach.

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​​​Better Conflict Solutions

Managing Workplace Conflict

What is your organization’s work environment like?                

Is it a feel-good environment or a feel-bad environment?

Feel-good work environments are motivating. People feel encouraged and supported by their supervisors and coworkers, which typically means higher productivity along with many other positive outcomes.

Feel-bad environments are stressful and draining. People feel discouraged and lack motivation.